MicroTouch 247 The Ultimate Online Solution for Microfinance

It is a flagship product of SoftHut that integrates all the micro banking operations in one platform. With MicroTouch 247, you can easily and efficiently manage your customers, savings, loans, personnel, accounting, branch/unit level operations, field collections using android based devices, and organization level integration. It is a total solution that adapts to your needs and preferences. You can configure the system according to your requirements and specifications. The solution is built with state-of-the-art architecture and technologies such as Next Generation Web Architecture, JavaScript MVC CanJs based Front End and WCF Services based Back End. It uses Microsoft SQL Server for data storage and SAP Crystal Reports for reporting.

MicroTouch is fully compliant with PKSF and MRA of Bangladesh and international CGAP standards. WAVE Foundation, SETU, Chirontoni, JSKS and many other MFIs are using this system.

SoftHut ERP:

SoftHut ERP solution is a web-based system that streamlines the operational process and information of any business. It enables you to optimize your resources and monitor your status, real time dashboard, up to date and role specific business information, and summary report. It is an ideal solution for those who value peace of mind and technological advancement. It covers various aspects of your business such as HRMS, accounting, inventory, fixed assets, employee benefits like payroll, provident fund, gratuity, staff welfare fund, staff security fund, etc. It is a proven solution that has been successfully implemented in WAVE Foundation, RDRS Bangladesh, SETU, ASHRAI, SARPV, MICEL and many more companies to achieve their business objectives.

SoftHut POS:

SoftHut POS solution is a web-based system that simplifies your sales management process. It covers all the aspects of your business such as product and inventory management, barcoding system with weighing scale integration, purchase, POS sales, accounting, customer, supplier, wholesale, sales return, purchase return, different modes of transaction, due, advance, instalment sale, loyalty points, etc. It provides you with dashboard, numerous reports and analytics to monitor your performance and make informed decisions. You can easily integrate barcode scanner and printer, weighing scale, receipt printer, cash drawer, different payment methods, etc. with the system. It is suitable for various types of businesses such as retail store, super shop, fashion house, electronic business, mobile store, grocery shop, distributor business, wholesale business and so on. It is a proven solution that is being used by many satisfied clients.

SoftHut HMS:

SoftHut HMS is a web-based system to manage Guest House and Hotels. It is the state-of-the-art solution to manage day to day activities of a Hotel including booking, payments, expense, room management, personnel management, visitors tracking, restaurant management etc. SETU Inn is using this system to manage its guests.

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